SmokePass Electronic Cigarettes

Electric cigarette

The SmokePass looks and feels just like the real thing.

It's the shape of a cigarette, it's the color of a cigarette, and it even lights up every time you take a puff. The SmokePass electronic cigarette is a battery operated, rechargeable device that delivers nicotine via a smoke like vapor. Using an atomizer, the SmokePass e-cig heats nicotine eLiquid at an ultra fast rate. This process produces an inhalable vapor that is just like smoke. The SmokePass electronic cigarette mimics just about every detail to that of the real thing. The SmokePass is also the most customizable eCig on the market., We developed a wide selection of colors and choices!

The SmokePass electronic cigarette is tar free, carbon monoxide free and does not contain many of the chemicals found in real cigarettes.

The SmokePass electronic cigarette does not produce combustible smoke like a cigarette does. Instead of producing smoke the SmokePass vaporizes a liquid solution called E-Liquid into a inhalable vapor. This smoke like vapor does not contain tar, carbon monoxide and the majority of the chemicals found in real cigarettes, however it can contain nicotine just like real smoke!

SmokePass electric cigarette is virtually odorless and 2nd hand smoke free!

The vapor produced by our electric cigarettes have a very minimal smell that disappears in the air within a few seconds with no lingering odors. Your clothes, car and other personal belongings will no longer smell of that retched cigarette smoke. Since the SmokePass only emits a vapor you can also say goodbye to the dreaded 2nd hand smoke once and for all!

Save money by switching to the SmokePass!

With the SmokePass e-cigarette you can save thousands on the cost of traditional cigarettes and most smokers see an instant 75% savings.

Smoke your SmokePass e-cigarette anywhere!

With no smoke and very minimal smell, the Smoke Pass can be used anywhere! Instead of having to go out for a smoke break and rush back in to beat the time clock, an office smoker can simply enjoy a smoke at their desk! Bars, restaurants, offices, and airports are just a few of the places that the electronic cigarette has been welcomingly accepted and widely used.

Select your own nicotine strength and flavor with electronic cigarettes.

There is no tobacco cigarette on the market that lets you choose your own nicotine strength. With every single cartridge the SmokePass electronic cigarette gives you the option on how much nicotine you want to be using. We have cartridges in a variety of nicotine strengths and also carry (no-nicotine) cartridges as well. To change nicotine strength or flavor all you have to do is simply change the cartridge. The vapor cigarette is the way to go!

No bad breath, yellow teeth, ashtrays, lighters or cigarette butts with the SmokePass e-cig.

With the removal of harsh smoke the SmokePass vapor cigarette successfully removes many of the downfalls typically associated with smoking. Say goodbye to smokers breath, yellow teeth and the smell of smoke on your clothes. You can also get rid of all that smoking paraphernalia including lighters, ashtrays and cigarette butts. With the e-cig there is no more need for these items.


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